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Rattenbury to Limit Poker Machines for Canberra Casino

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Canberra Casino is facing a different monster altogether regarding its 200 poker machine acquisition. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government had initially approved the request of Canberra Casino to have the poker machines license. The approval also meant that the casino, once it has opened would have up to 200 poker machines in what would have been a breakthrough for the casinos in the region. Canberra casino would have been the first casino to have the poker machines, regardless of the number it gets.

Currently, the casinos are not permitted to have the poker machines as the machines are only operated by the ACT clubs.

When it was announced that Canberra Casino would be issued the license, the clubs were not impressed by the situation. It looks like they would finally have their way as the Australian politician and a leader of the Greens Shane Rattenbury, has also voiced his dissatisfaction to the idea.

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Is Canberra Casino Not safe for poker machines?

The input of Mr. Rattenbury is seen by poker lovers as a political influence in the casino business. Regarding the accusations, the Greens leader has defended his comments by saying the poker machines are actually harmful to the society. He said, before any casino can be given the license to operate poker machines, there should be strict recommendations displaying the boundaries that will root out the gambling problem.

Mr. Rattenbury further noted that the productivity commission should pay attention to things like the “$1 bets”, which could be the pulling force for gambling addiction.

He also pointed out that poker machines are responsible for over 70 percent gambling problems that Australia is facing. He concluded by saying that his comments are not really about the location or the establishment, but rather about “strong harm minimisation measures” to ensure the safety of the players.

This has led the government to re-asses the casino’s proposal. Currently, the minister of Gaming, Mick Gentlemen has not yet seen it the revised proposal.

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