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International Bookmakers defy the In-Play Ban

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Offshore betting firms still offer the controversial in-play betting system despite its ban on the Australian soil. The in-play bet is a kind of betting that takes place after an event has started, and allows bets to be place until the event is complete. It is sometimes called live-betting in other countries.  This form of wagering gives players a chance to assess the game before placing or changing the bets.

The controversial online gambling system that has been at the centre of legal cases over the past year is still continuing. The Australian government had to interfere and review it, thus gave a report of its complete banning. Many offshore bookmakers wanted to have it fully legalised but the community groups and some government officials were against it.

The news of the possible banning of the in-play betting system was welcomed by the Australian racing industry that had long called for its banning. They said the betting system was giving a loophole to corruption in Australia.

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What does the government say about In-Play betting

The current gambling laws in Australia, however, do not forbid the live betting through the telephone, something which in-play betting does not as it encourages the players to bet online.

In April 2016, the federal government issued its review on the outdated IGA (Interactive Gambling Act), with the in-play taking the centre role. The review offered a lot of recommendations going forward and the expectation was that all the bookmakers that have Australian players would abide.

The majority of these recommendations were sent on a letter from the Human Services minister, Alan Tudge, asserting that until further notice, online bookmakers should stop in-play betting. The letter was sent to all the major operators on the Australian online betting market.

Despite the offshore bookmakers seemingly getting away with the in-play betting, the Aussie firms have no choice but to obey the laws.