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Online and Land-Based Casinos provide entertainment to many with an estimated 80% of Australian adults engaging in some kind of gambling. It is important that players ensure that they know the gambling laws and legislation in their provinces. It is also imperative that players become well versed and knowledgeable about these laws.

Online Casino Laws in Queensland

As an online gambler in Queensland, you should know the gambling laws and legislation that are applicable in Queensland. The Interactive Gambling Act(IGA) of 2001 passed by the Australian Commonwealth Parliament made it illegal to advertise or provide any online gambling services for real money to Australian citizens. This is a country-wide law that applies to all Australian provinces.

This Gambling Act cannot however, restrict international online gambling casinos from providing their services to Australian players. This means that Australians can gamble at online casinos from other countries.

Although players are free to play at these online casinos, these casinos are not regulated by Australian jurisdiction. This means that if you have any disputes or feel you have been treated unfairly by an international online casino, the Australian government cannot intervene. This is why it is important for players to choose licenced and registered online casinos so they are protected. Most reputable online casinos are licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission among other jurisdictions.

Another great aspect about gambling online in Australia is that gambling is considered a recreational activity, meaning that all your winnings are non-taxable.

Land-Based Casinos in Queensland

Queensland is currently in the process of increasing land-based casinos in an attempt to attract more tourists and to provide entertainment for Queensland residents. Players can choose from a number of entertaining luxury casinos; these include:

  • Jupiters Gold Coast: Also known as Jupiters Hotel and Casino, it was the first casino in Queensland, also making it the oldest. This casino hosts more than 1, 300 gaming machines on their casino floors which include pokies, video poker among other casino games. Players can also play their favourite table games at Jupiters Hotel and Casino.
  • Jupiters Casino Townsville: This is a small casino in Townsville which is operated by Jupiters Hotel and Casino. Although this casino is not as large as its parent casino, players can play over 300 pokies and other casino games. This casino also offers players top class accommodation as well as entertainment.
  • Treasury Casino and Hotel: This casino is located in Brisbane and is also commonly referred to as The Treasury. The casino’s size is as large as Jupiter Gold Casino offering player more than 1, 300 pokies alongside a number of table games. This casino also offers unique games such as Treasury 21 and the Treasury Wheel.
  • The Reef: This casino was opened in 1996 in Cairns. Treasury Casino and Hotel is also a small casino; however, it offers players over 500 gaming machines. Players can also play their favourite games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and other table games.

an image of Jupiters Casino

Land Based Casino Laws in Queensland

Jupiters Hotel and Casino was the first casino to be opened on the Gold Coast in Queens land, Australia. This casino was built in 1985 and officially opened in 1986. Queensland Gambling Policies have been put in place to protect both casinos and its players. The Queensland Office of Gambling Regulation is responsible for regulating the following:

  • Casinos
  • Machine Gaming
  • Art Unions
  • Lotteries
  • Keno

The Queensland Gambling Policies regulates gambling conditions such as the maximum and minimum wagers allowed on specific gaming. The casino legislations also state what is acceptable conduct for players when on the casino floor. This includes rules forbidding players from counting cards, using calculators and other behaviour that is considered as cheating or irregular. This legislation mainly covers the rules that need to be followed by casino players as well as casinos. It is useful for players to familiarise themselves with this legislation so that they know whenever their rights are being infringed when playing at a casino.

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