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With Australian online casinos taking land based casinos by storm have become rather isolated. But many people might not know what actual land based casinos are and how they are different to online casinos.

an image of The Mirage Hotel/Casino at night

Information about Land Based Casinos

When we talk about land based casinos such as the one in Las Vegas named The Mirage we immediately think of the words ‘big’, ‘glamorous’ and ‘fancy’. This is mainly because it is true. Land based casino are packed with thrills and excitement especially when you factor in playing real life against other people. And it is true that you won’t be able to find the same experience online as at land based casinos however, they both have their pros and cons.

Land based casinos are different due to them having live entertainment available night and day. The competitions are wide and completely different than at online casinos, however the downfall comes sooner than you thought. The pitfall is with travelling, accommodation, food and drinking. Most people don’t live near land based casinos and this makes it much more difficult.

Land Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos

This is perfect for people who like gambling but at their own time, in their own comfort and without all the glitz and glamour. If players are looking to make money, the online casinos are the way to go due to them not having any extra costs. Players will find that they can play a lot faster at tables due to them having their own tables and this speeds up every round.  Players also have the advantage of playing whenever they feel like it. All they need is a computer. Online casinos have comp programs as well, but they aren’t as rewarding as land based casino comp programs.  One thing online casinos do is they offer player’s bonuses on their first deposit and on other deposits routinely which land based casinos definitely don’t do.

an image of a Girl drinking cocktail in casino

Land Based Vs Online Casinos: The Major Differences


  • Safety: Both land and online casinos have safety issues. Online casinos have been accused as criminal fronts and land based casinos have been exposed to crime elements.
  • Promotions: Online casinos offer much more not to mention more frequent promotional offers as well (sign-up Bonus, weekly promotions etc.)
  • Skill Factor: Professional players at land based casinos can be intimidating especially to new payers, but at online casinos there is no such thing.
  • Convenience: To have an enjoyable online experience, a player will have to have reliable internet that is stable and has a good speed in order to have an enjoyable experience. Land based casinos on the other hand depend on location when convenience is concerned.

Additional Factors to be considered:

  • Accuracy: When you are playing at a casino you can be assured that the house will always have the edge. The house does differ but is not always publicised. One great thing about internet casinos is that they are required to publish their house edge and their software is regularly audited to ensure the edge is correct.
  • Accessibility: Some land based casinos close off certain areas at different times. Even 24 hour casinos may have to clean a suite or have to do maintenance on slot machines. Online casinos do sometimes have maintenance but this is usually instant and can occur at any time during the day.
  • Payment: Some casinos only deal with certain currencies. Online casinos however offer a multitude of payment options in a multitude of currencies thus players will never have to worry.
  • Transparency: The house edge can leak into slots. An example is when a land based casino says that the payout rate is up to 98% this actually means that only one out of the five slots would actually pay out 98%.

an image of People play casino games: gold spinning roulette with motion of players, croupier (dealer) and roulette in a modern casino. Selected focus used to accent the movement and game activity

Land Based Casinos in Australia

Casino Canberra

  • 38 000 square foot of gaming area
  • 395 room to stay in
  • 2 bars
  • 47 table games
  • 200 pokies

Wrest Point Casino 

  • Sandy Bay, Tasmania.
  • 737 pokies.
  • 290 hotel rooms.
  • 24 table games.
  • 20 000 square foot.

Jupiters Townsville

  • Casino and hotel
  • Queensland
  • 711 pokies
  • 28 table games
  • 55 000 square foot

Crowns Casino

  • Melbourne
  • Largest casino in Australia
  • 25 restaurants
  • 11 bars

Lasseters Hotel and Casino

  • Alice Springs
  • 13 200 square foot
  • 17 table games
  • 900 pokies
  • Only casino located in Alice Springs