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Melbourne man assaulted over water at Crown Casino

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A Melbourne man has filed a lawsuit against the security staff at the Crown Casino after he was assaulted when asking for a glass of water. Mr. James Weatherley said he had been refused entry into the casino’s Monte Carlo Room following the dramatic incident. James Weatherley, who was attending the venue with friends said he had been left depressed and unable to work due to the incident.

James Weatherley said he went to the casino with friends in April 2015 and briefly went outside and when he tried to re-enter the casino room, he was denied access. In a court file, the Melbourne resident said he was not told the reasons for the denial.

He went on to say that during what looked to be an argument with the protection officers, he requested a glass of water and this is when the assault took place. He said at this point security guards pushed him up against the wall and pinned his arm behind his back, wrenching his chest muscle in the process.

James Weatherley is yet to state the compensation he demands for damages and the embarrassing incident.

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More security woes at Crown Casino

It has also been revealed that James Weatherley’s assault is not the first of its type at the Crown Casino.

It is believed that former chairman of the Casino Resort, James Parker, assaulted one of the security personnel while he was still in charge of operations. The onlooker said although Parker was in charge of the casino, at one point he tried to access a restricted area of the casino to which the security team refused to let him go through, this then led to a verbal argument between him and the senior officers.

The incident, which took place in January 2016, saw Parker “collide” with security officer Iskandar Chaban after the latter physically blocked the casino boss’s path. Chaban later said he collapsed on his way home after being treated in an inhuman way by the Casino Boss.