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Sports Betting is used every single day and is one of the biggest manners of betting in Australia and the world. Casino Aus has expert reviewers that will guide you to Australia’s most popular sports betting websites with the best range of sports and promotions. We have listed sports books that are reliable, use secure software and banking you can trust. Sports lovers can enjoy desktop and mobile sports betting our shortlisted sites. 

Gamblers can wager on golf, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing, boxing and even martial arts. Whether you are a soccer fanatic or bet on your lucky horse, Casino Australia will help you find your perfect fit. With online sports betting in Australia growing so fast, over two million Australians can wager at their favourite game from anywhere.

Sports gambling is becoming more popular day by day with Australian gamblers. The convenience of not having to physically go and place a bet at a betting station has made sports betting online much easier and more used. There are some measures that you must take prior to betting online. You will have to make sure that the website you use is 100% legitimate. Here you’ll find a shortlisted Australian sports betting sites offering a great selection of sports competitions where you can bet for real money with Australian Dollars.


Best Australian Sports Bookmakers 2018

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#1 Sports Betting Australia Online

Australian football is a much-loved contact sport native to our sunny home shores. It is similar to American football, however, the rules are slightly different. There are two major separating factors between American and Australian Football. First off, there are eighteen players a side in Footy. Secondly, unlike the Americans, the Aussie athletes wear no sort of padding on the shoulders or helmets. This is a full-contact sport, so be prepared to wager on some gory tackles of note!

Football is the international term used to describe soccer. There are a huge number of tournaments to wager on in football whether you’re an Aussie or international punter. A few of the
biggest leagues include:

  • The UEFA Champions league
  • The Barclays Premier League
  • La Liga
  • USL Pro

Golf Sports Betting Australia

Golf betting is a fun pass time for any fan of the sport. This type of sports bet is split into two major possibilities for betting opportunities:

  1. Bet on which player will actually win the tournament in question
  2. Bet on markets; where players will place in finishing positions, who will make or miss the cut etc.

 Golf sports Betting in New Zealand

As golf is one of the older games in existence, there are a number of noteworthy tournaments at which you will be able to place your sportsbook. Namely, you will be able to wager on events such as:

  • The Ryder Cup
  • The Masters
  • The Open Championship
  • The US Open
  • The PGA Championship

Golf betting is a hobby growing rapidly within Australia. Therefore, be sure to look out for the various online casinos offering you the option of doubling as a sportsbooker, should you so wish.

Horse Race Sportsbookers

Horse Racing is a time-old practice which has been around for thousands of years. From chariot racing in ancient Rome to the jockey-based sprints we know today, horse racing has been a part of society for millennia now. Although being in existence for an age, understanding horse racing bets can be a tricky thing at the best of times. There are a number of various bets you can wager, as well as the need to understand the odds, which are either stacked against you or your favour. Here are a few of the most common types of racing bets you can make:

  • Win – this refers to the bet placed on the horse you think will win
  • Place – this bet is won if the horse you bet on places in first or second
  • Show – the horse you wagered on will place in first, second or third position
  • Exacta – this wager allows you to place your bet on two horses for first and second, but in order to win, the horses will need to place as you predicted
  • Exacta Box – an Exacta Box bet is another bet made on two horses for first and second, however, they can place in any order (you do not need to stipulate which one will come first and second)

Tennis Sports Betting Australia

Tennis betting is a great way for observers to raise the stakes on a tennis match. There are a number of heated tournaments in which Aussie fans can wager including:

  • The American Open
  • The French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • The US Open

sports betting in Australia

Tennis is a much-loved pastime for Australian gamblers as the sport is both riveting and lucrative, if you wager correctly. Tennis betting is a fun pastime for all to enjoy, so be sure to take a look at a few of the online casinos who offer sports betting to see where you can place your tennis bets today!

Setting up a sports betting account

There are two types of odds formats in online gambling: Decimal and American odds.There are more than 1,000 sports betting websites on the internet today. When choosing a good website to bet on. there are factors like perks, overnight odds, longevity, financial stability, fast payouts and, most important, high limits. “Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. It is generally considered to be a form of gambling.”

sports betting in Australia

Getting the best winning odds

  • Decimal Style Odds:

This is a numerical representation of the potential return of a bet. It includes the stake amount. This is extremely easy to work out. The ‘potential’ return of Decimal Odds is calculated by multiplying the amount the better’ wants to bet by the Decimal Odds offered.


Game 1×2
Barcelona 1.885
Real Madrid 4.850
Draw 3.640

Decimal Odds explained: if you bet $100 on Barcelona, your potential return would be $188.50.

Odds x stake i.e. 1.885 X$100 = $188.50

If you placed $100 on Real Madrid, the potential return would be $485.

4.80 X $100 = $485

  • American Style Odds:

The match winner = Money Line.

            Game Handicap
Rafael Nadal -180
Roger Federer +102

You can bet $11 on Rafael Nadal at – 108, your potential profit will be $10.20

When betting on the money line, the favourite will always have a negative symbol in front of the number, and the underdog will always have a plus sign in front of it (an example is -150 favourite or +150 for the underdog).

Top Three Rated Sports Books

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Sports Betting – Tips and tricks

Betting is very simple as most online sports betting websites don’t complicate issues, they make your gambling experience comfortable.

  1. Choose your game (Tennis, Football, Cricket…etc). For this example, we will use soccer.
  2. Choose your League (FA Cup, Barclays Premier League…etc). We will use the FA Cup.
  3. Choose your game.
  4. Choose the casino and currency you want to use (In this case AU$ can be used for Aussie players)
  5. You can bet on :
  • Full-time Result.
  • Double Chance.
  • To Qualify.
  • Correct Score.
  • Half Time/Full Time.
  • Half Time/Full-Time Full Score.
  • Goals Over/Under.
  • Draw No Bet.
  • Result/Both Teams to Score.

Sports Betting Glossary

  • Spread: This gives one team an advantage of a few points and is specifically aimed at sports such as football and basketball.
  • Juice: The profit the bookie makes through the percentage he takes off the bet.
  • Handicap: Giving a team a points advantage, this evens things out.
  • Handle: Your overall amount wagered on bets.
  • Action: This is the betting that happens.

Top Recommended Sports Betting Strategies

  1. The Money line: Betting on who will win outright, with no variables or point spreads. Betters simply pick the team they think is going to win and place a bet.
  2. Point Spread: This is the most common type of bet. Bettors wager on the difference in score between the two teams playing.
  3. Over/Under: Also known as the total score. This line bets on whether or not the total score between all competitors will go above or below a predetermined amount.

Sports betting is unpredictable, read up on recent history over here.